We are all Wonder Woman.

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To the Project Gravitas community, 

The new Wonder Woman film is making history. Its director, Patty Jenkins, is the first woman to direct a big-budget superhero movie. It has set box office records. And its heroine is reminding us all to believe in love and change.

In our own small way, we are contributing to this historic moment.  When Warner Brothers and HSN asked us to collaborate on a collection inspired by the film, I jumped at the opportunity. I have read every issue of Wonder Woman, watched every episode, and even read Jill Lepore’s The Secret History of Wonder Woman. Upon meeting Diane von Furstenberg after her own Wonder Woman collaboration, I put on my bucket list: “Make a Wonder Woman Collection some day.”

I am honored and proud to introduce you to the Wonder Woman: Modern Wonder Collection.

Just like every superhero has an origin story, this collection began with the idea that in 2017, superheroes aren’t part-time. We no longer need alter egos. We can tell people we are superheroes and show off our superpowers without fear. We can channel our inner Wonder Woman all day.

So, we’ve created innovative pieces that can double-duty for Diana Prince and Wonder Woman. Every piece has a built-in superpower (our new revolutionary WorkLeisure techno-crepe fabric!) and a Wonder Woman detail to remind you of your superhero status. No outfit change required to fight for truth, beauty, and justice! And, for the first time, we are offering this collection in Sizes 0-24 W and XS-3X, because we believe in Wonder Woman for all.

For me, Wonder Woman has always been the most powerful of the Justice League because she shows us that uniquely female attributes are superpowers. With all her strengths and powers, she’s emotionally intelligent and nurturing. I hope that you channel this energy when you wear these pieces, look in the mirror, and see your inner Wonder Woman winking back at you to take on the day.

If Batman has Alfred, let Gravitas be your trusted valet in your superhero lair closet.  Let’s make this a summer of superhero dressing!

With gratitude,

Lisa Sun
CEO & Founder, Project Gravitas

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