Own Your Moment: Meet Tori Johnson


We’re inspired by Tori Johnson, mother, wife, owner of Tori Johnson Public Relations, and the force behind thesTORIbook (“A Manuscript of Fashion, Mommyhood + Everything In Between”).  Beyond her incredible accomplishments, we admire the passion behind why she writes:  Having had a variety of heart problems (including a pacemaker implanted at the age of 22), she uses her blog as a source of inspiration.

Recently, Tori showed off her gravitas in our Amelia dress and shared with us insights from her incredible journey:

1.  What’s your proudest accomplishment?

Building and creating an entrepreneurial / mom lifestyle that incorporates being the owner of a PR/marketing company, work-from-home mom and blogger. As females, we serve many roles in life, and our society today has enabled us to pursue our professional and personal dreams without having to sacrifice one for the other.

2. Name a woman who exemplifies gravitas and explain why.

Someone who I believe always exemplifies gravitas also shares the same name as me…Tory Johnson from Women for Hire, Spark & Hustle, and Good Morning America. What I admire about Tory is that she not only exemplifies gravitas, but she also helps other women find their own gravitas. Several years ago, I was attending a conference she was speaking at and tweeted that I’ve always wanted to meet her. She actually responded and met up with me at the event. To this day, she always goes above and beyond to offer me assistance and is a role model in my life. She has now built two multi-million dollar career-focused businesses, is a mother and wife and has a mission to help others change their mind for a better life. Truly the definition of gravitas!

3.  What’s one fashion or beauty trend you are loving right now?

I am particularly crushing on the return of the mule shoe! This shoe has received a youthful makeover with higher heels, embellished detailing and modern designs. This Gianvito Rossi high heel mule from Net-a-Porter would look fabulous with any Project Gravitas dress!

4. What keeps you up at night?

Brainstorming! Some of my greatest ideas happen at night when I’m trying to go to bed. I keep my Windows Phone on-hand at all times so I can write in OneNote where I keep all my ideas, dreams, goals, the grocery list and pretty much my entire life! The great thing about OneNote is you can access it from any device with Windows 8.1 so it’s the answer to being a working mom on-the-go!

5. Why Project Gravitas?

Women’s bodies go through many changes in our lifetime – particularly after having a baby. It’s easy to lose your confidence when those changes take place. Project Gravitas enables you to gain that confidence back and feel proud about your body again. It will give you that extra gravitas to accomplish whatever you would like to whether it’s a business interview or going on a date night with the hubby!

The woman makes the dress, and we love how Tori has styled our Amelia dress to own her moment.  Check out more pictures of her look below, and we hope you’ll join us in bookmarking thesTORIbook for a dose of daily inspiration!



Photos provided by Sunday Sky Photography

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