Her-story of Pants

When we decided to make our first-ever style of pants, The Annie, we discovered a rich feminist history surrounding this now-ubiquitous fashion silhouette. From ancient Greece to present day, a woman’s choice to wear pants has been daring, often rebellious. Merely a feminist call for practical attire, women’s request to wear pants was met with repeated backlash. For several decades, women could be arrested for wearing pants in public! Pants have been, and continue to be, a symbol for gender equality.

Explore our timeline to learn just some of the significant times women wore the pants in the name of social progress.


This just scratches the surface of our findings! We hope these leave you inspired to learn more and feel a heightened sense of pride when you wear the pants. So, join the pants revolution! With our Annie pant, we’re embracing a new era with this silhouette—one that answers women’s needs for great work pants that don’t ask you to sacrifice comfort, that feel like leggings but look like trousers. Who says we can’t have it all?


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