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Washington, D.C.’s Fashion Game Changer

Marissa Mitrovitch, Politiquette, July 2016
























When you think of the U.S.’s most fashion-forward cities, New York City and Los Angeles effortlessly spring to mind, from the street styles of SoHo to Hollywood’s red carpet glamour. But in between these two sartorial hot spots are equally energetic metropolises, each emerging with its own unique style that reflects its way of life.














Meet Marissa Mitrovich, the woman who’s putting Washington, D.C. on the map for being as fashionably polished as it is political. As the Founder and Editor of the Washington, D.C. based style blog, Politiquette, Marissa has advanced fashion in our nation’s capital by dressing and acting as a style resource for its most influential politicos. In addition to offering fashion and beauty expertise, Politiquette spotlights the many artists, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders who help D.C. thrive.

Marissa Mitrovitch, Politiquette, July 2016

























Read more about how Marissa is changing the face of Washington, D.C.’s fashion right here.

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The Cape Blazer That Empowers

diamonds unleashed cape + charity copy“It’s my own personal super hero suit.” A lot of customers tell us that our cape blazer makes them feel confident, powerful, and ready to take on the day. Now, we are thrilled to announce a limited edition version that not only transforms the wearer, it empowers girls across the world.

In December 2015, we featured Kara Ross, the world renowned jewelry designer and founder of Diamonds Unleashed, as a Woman of Gravitas. Diamonds Unleashed creates custom jewelry using ethically-sourced diamonds and donates all of their net profits to organizations that empower women. Moved by the natural synergy between our brands (and a shared love of the cape blazer), we’ve joined forces to create the ultimate empowerment piece:


EMPOWER YOURSELF: In addition to the instant superhero effect of the Josephine cape blazer, this limited edition version features a custom lining with Diamond Unleashed’s empowerment symbol. Each time you slip it on is a reminder to live boldly.

EMPOWER OTHERS: 20% of the proceeds from each sale go to Diamonds Unleashed, which in turn supports non-profit partners – Girls Who Code and She’s the First – in their efforts to educate girls.

You can purchase this cape blazer on our site now and at the Kara Ross New York Flagship store on Madison Avenue starting April 21, 2016.

We hope you’ll join us in suiting up and doing good.

My 2016 Intentions

Lisa headshot copy












To the Project Gravitas community,

Every year, I typically write a set of resolutions, subtracting or adding things to my life, some sustainable and others not. Upon reflection, the ones that haven’t stuck were tasks (e.g., I will exercise every day), and the ones that have stuck were ones that tapped into my core beliefs or set a mindset (e.g., I will treat my body like it belongs to someone I love).

Is it time to re-think resolutions? Perhaps we have a vision for what we want our lives to be and we already have what we need inside us. And we just need the courage to say these out loud and live them in the present, as a state of mind.

Over the holidays, a meditation instructor said to me, “Goals are a destination. Intentions are our GPS, a navigation system of values that guides us in each moment on our way to our destination.” Intentions. What a powerful concept to bring into the New Year. Instead of setting resolutions this year, I am grounding my goals in intentions.

So, I want to share with you two of the intentions that will guide my year:

. . . I intend to live life to the fullest. If life is lived moment to moment, I will dare to live the life I have imagined in each moment. I will not shy away from the uncomfortable; challenges are opportunities to exhibit the best of myself. I will be an active, not passive, explorer of new experiences.

. . . I intend to empower others’ success. This has always been one of my core values. I love seeing others be happy and fulfilled – and feel that I had a hand in their journey. I’ve recently learned that for me to live this value to the fullest, I too need to be centered, healthy and happy, which means taking time for myself so that I can give to others with my best self.

As we finish up our first week of this New Year, I invite you to share your intentions with us. And I hope you will join us in living them out in our “New Year, Best You” series. Each Sunday of this month, we will announce a special experience for you – something that I have personally road-tested in the worlds of technology, personal wellness, food, and music. Come live life to the fullest with our team as we kick-off this year.

Happy 2016! May this be our best year yet.

With gratitude,
Lisa Sun
CEO & Founder, Project Gravitas

Joy to the Holiday Party

The holidays can be energizing and overwhelming. Holiday parties bring together our nearest and dearest, but can also trigger anxieties around overeating, overspending, and overextending. So how do you inject joy into these celebratory occasions? Plan for the perfect day-to-night style – doing so will save you time and money, and most importantly, give you the confidence you need to live (and party) in the holiday spirit.

Here are three tips for creating the perfect day-to-night look.

1.  Make sure you have at least one do-it-all piece.

We call this piece your confidence-booster. When you slip it on, it feels like you’ve just taken a shot of espresso or finished a killer workout. You feel unstoppable. (This is the inspiration for the patented built-in shapewear secret in all of our pieces!)

Gravitas Dresses

2.  Once you have the heart of your holiday ensemble, maximize its day-to-night versatility.

For daytime, layer a blouse underneath or comfy sweater over your dress with a blazer and flats for an office-ready look. For evening, go straight to the after-hours holiday soiree by taking the layer off and accessorizing with a packed tote of essentials (metallic clutch, heels, this season’s it piece, the cape blazer).

day to night

3. Shop your closet and treat yourself.

Get even more out of your core piece for every social media snap and every setting.  Mix and match that sparkly top from five years ago, the black tie clutch, bright red heels you’ve never worn. Once you’ve explored the depths of your closet, treat yourself to few new pieces just to keep things fresh. Splurge for a piece of sparkle – a statement necklace, a gemstone ring – that will look good now and every year after.

You can judge the strength of an outfit by how you feel when you’re wearing it. If it makes you smile, you’ve found a winner. To get you started with your styling prep, we’ve put together 20 looks that take you from day to night.

holiday_day_night1 holiday_day_night2 holiday_day_night3


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