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Step With Me Into 2017


To the Project Gravitas community,

Starting a brand-new year always fills me with a sense of adventure.

In 2016, I focused my year on intentions: having a vision for what we want our lives to be, believing that we already have what we need inside us, and finding the courage to say these intentions out loud and live them in the present, as a state of mind.

This year, I’ve challenged myself and our team to think outside of ourselves and consider what we can do to improve the world at large. Personally, I am focusing on the ways I can create positive change for others. As a company, we are always refining how we can arm you with the tools to take action. And in 2017, we have big steps planned that we hope will help you make a difference.

For example, if you follow us on Instagram, you know that our first step in 2017 is the launch of our very first style of pants – The Annie. We excitedly launched this new category to solve what we believe is an unmet need for many women, myself included (you can read more about the inspiration here). But I’ve come to see The Annie pant as more than a standalone, confidence-boosting piece. In researching pants, we learned about their rich feminist history, the ideals they’ve stood for, and the controversy they’ve stirred. We’re excited to be a part of this evolving story and to explore it with you in the coming weeks.

We believe a Confidence Movement is more important for women than ever before. We as a community are more powerful than we know. When we let our lights shine, when we have each other’s backs, and when we work together, everything is possible.

Let’s walk into this New Year together.

With gratitude,

Lisa Sun
CEO & Founder, Project Gravitas


Washington, D.C.’s Fashion Game Changer

Marissa Mitrovitch, Politiquette, July 2016
























When you think of the U.S.’s most fashion-forward cities, New York City and Los Angeles effortlessly spring to mind, from the street styles of SoHo to Hollywood’s red carpet glamour. But in between these two sartorial hot spots are equally energetic metropolises, each emerging with its own unique style that reflects its way of life.














Meet Marissa Mitrovich, the woman who’s putting Washington, D.C. on the map for being as fashionably polished as it is political. As the Founder and Editor of the Washington, D.C. based style blog, Politiquette, Marissa has advanced fashion in our nation’s capital by dressing and acting as a style resource for its most influential politicos. In addition to offering fashion and beauty expertise, Politiquette spotlights the many artists, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders who help D.C. thrive.

Marissa Mitrovitch, Politiquette, July 2016

























Read more about how Marissa is changing the face of Washington, D.C.’s fashion right here.

Shop the Rosalind Pencil Skirt >>

Shop the Emily Skirt >>

Shop the Josephine Cape Blazer >>

The Dream Week

this week

Fall in Love with Blush

We’re loving shades of blush this season. It’s true that a little black dress is always in season, but there’s nothing like adding a pop of color to freshen up your warm weather wardrobe. Some women shy away from coral and salmon and rose because they think they won’t be able to wear them as much as navy or gray. But the right shade of blush is actually just as versatile as your favorite neutral. The looks below are case in point!

BONUS: All of the dresses and skirts featured here have a special built-in shapewear lining.  It’s lighter than our original shapewear, but still smoothes and flatters your figure.

Light shapewear for spring

Look 1: The Rosa DressSebastian Jr. BagEvil Eye NecklaceMetallic Luggage Tag,  Tweed Jacket,

Look 2: The Rosa Dress, The Nelson Jacket, SunglassesAnkle Boots

Light shapewear for spring


Look 3: The Pepper SkirtLove ClutchLyra Convertible NecklaceBallet PumpsCream Blouse

Look 4: The Pepper SkirtArcher NecklaceCheck BlouseSunglasses

Light shapewear for spring

Look 5: The Billie DressSebastian Jr. Bag, Double-Strand Beaded Necklace, Blazer

Look 6: The Billie Dress, Crystal Cluster EarringsSweatshirt, Sneakers

See more ways to Style Your Dress here.

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