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Washington, D.C.’s Fashion Game Changer

Marissa Mitrovitch, Politiquette, July 2016
























When you think of the U.S.’s most fashion-forward cities, New York City and Los Angeles effortlessly spring to mind, from the street styles of SoHo to Hollywood’s red carpet glamour. But in between these two sartorial hot spots are equally energetic metropolises, each emerging with its own unique style that reflects its way of life.














Meet Marissa Mitrovich, the woman who’s putting Washington, D.C. on the map for being as fashionably polished as it is political. As the Founder and Editor of the Washington, D.C. based style blog, Politiquette, Marissa has advanced fashion in our nation’s capital by dressing and acting as a style resource for its most influential politicos. In addition to offering fashion and beauty expertise, Politiquette spotlights the many artists, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders who help D.C. thrive.

Marissa Mitrovitch, Politiquette, July 2016

























Read more about how Marissa is changing the face of Washington, D.C.’s fashion right here.

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The Girl Who Dressed Like Her Hotel…Take Two

the girl who dressed like her hotel

We love when women own their moment. It’s our company tagline, it’s what fuels us as a team, it’s why we care so much about finding women the perfect confidence-boosting dress. So when we heard about “the girl who dressed like her hotel,” our first thought was, “wow, she is our kind of girl.” She took a potentially awkward situation and completely owned it, recognizing the humor and embracing it. With close to 6 million views on Imgur now, she has become a viral sensation.

To kick off New York City’s Fashion Week, the Marriott Autograph Collection invited us to dress the woman herself – Lauren Clark – for the Algonquin Hotel. Below is a recap of what it was like to help Lauren own her moment on a whole new (chic) level.

Designated a New York City Historic Landmark in 1987, the Algonquin was home to the legendary Round Table, where such literary talents as writer Dorothy Parker and The New Yorker’s Harold Ross built their careers. It was also the first hotel to allow women to travel alone. Our task was to style Lauren for the elegant and classic Barrymore suite.



The girl who dressed like her hotel

With some help from the amazing GlamSquad stylists, Lauren was soon ready to start posing.

The Girl Who Dressed Like Her Hotel




The girl who dressed like her hotel

We chose the Hedy dress for Lauren because it cues glamour and sophistication, and we knew its built-in shapewear secret would give her an extra confidence boost.

girl who dressed like her hotel girl who dressed like her hotel The girl who dressed like a hotel

We’re grateful to join for part two of Lauren’s fashion story because for us, her viral photo is about more than styling serendipity. It’s about a woman who knows how to own her moment.

Special thanks to the Marriott Autograph Collection and the Algonquin Hotel for including us in this shoot. All photographs were taken by Chris Spiegel from Blur Revision Media Design.

How to “Land a Job you Love”: The story of a recent Koru grad

This month for our Project we are featuring Kristen Hamilton and Anh Nguyen of Koru, whose winning formula connects college grads to careers that work. Meet Tiarra Dickens, who discovered Koru during her senior year of college, attended the Seattle program, and raves about it.

Job success for recent grad

Tell us about the Koru process.

Koru is a selective, immersive training program that gives college students and recent graduates the skills, experience, and connections to land a great job after college.

What did you study in college?

I studied Sociology, with a minor in Education, at Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie, New York.

How did you learn about Koru?

I was walking around campus and noticed a flyer stating, “Land a Job you Love.”

When and where did you participate?

I did the January program in Seattle, in the beginning weeks of 2014.

What did you hope to gain through Koru?

I went into Koru expecting to land a job quickly – an unrealistic expectation! I had a lot of preconceived notions on how to network and thought, as long as you know the right people, you’re sure to get your foot in the door.

What was the highlight of the program?

The cohort that I was a part of was very diverse in majors, backgrounds, upbringings and career goals. It was crazy to meet a room full of people who, without knowing you, wanted to see you succeed. My group worked on business strategies for Smartsheet and REI. We compiled market research and conducted interviews to gather data for market reports. Using this data, we pitched a solution to the corporate teams.

What 3 tangible skills did Koru give you?

1. Stay resilient.

2. Make SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely – Goals.

3. It’s not always hard work that pays off, its good work.

How are you employed today?

I work in retail merchandising, as a manager for Abercrombie’s flagship store in New York. I also intern at Project Gravitas as a stylist and work in all aspects of the company’s lookbooks.

How did Koru’s program help you?  

Without Koru I wouldn’t be employed! Koru helped me revive the love I have for fashion. I didn’t know how to market my liberal arts degree in my favor. Koru taught me how to tailor my experiences to fit the needs of any job I apply for. My coach, Anh Nguyen, connected me with Lisa Sun, the founder of Project Gravitas. Anh believed in my work ethic and went out on a limb in recommending me for the internship.

Want more inspiration? Learn about the women behind KoruCheck out our favorite commencement speechesSee how Tiarra styles her Lyle Jacket for the office.

Lyle jacket

#OwnYourMoment: Mother’s Day Edition

deborah mur2Deborah Mur2

Today, we want to honor the amazing Deborah Mur, a senior finance executive based in Europe.  Recently, her son, Jack, sent us a note and asked us to honor Deborah’s incredible accomplishments:

To whom this may concern,

My name is Jack Mur, my mother is a very big fan of your dresses and has me order them for her regularly (she lives and works in France and thus cannot use her international card on your website). Through this, I have come to discover the Project Gravitas women and I believe my mother would be the perfect addition to the your roster of empowered women. 
Her birthday is coming up at the end of May and I’d like to do something special; I’m hoping that you could give me a little bit more information on the your process for selecting the Project Gravitas women and if you’d consider my mother?

A little bit more information about her: her name is Deborah Mur, she was born and raised in Queens, NYC. She studied International Business Administration at Boston University. She met my French father while on vacation in the Bahamas and together they have formed an incredible team that has brought my family to multiple countries (France, Canada and China). Pretty soon after graduating BU, she joined Citibank and has broken through the glass ceiling that is pervasive in Corporate Banking over the 25+ years there. My mother has used her position to further women’s rights within the private sector, most recently partnering with American Chamber of Commerce in France and the US Ambassador to France, Jane Hartley, in a panel for Women’s Week 2015.

As you can see, my mother’s vast contributions and continuous leadership reflect the qualities expressed by your previous Project Gravitas women, and I believe she would be an excellent addition to your website. Nonetheless, I do understand that you may have a different process for selecting each personality and I respect that it may not be possible to include her at this time. Additionally, I understand that customer service/support may not be the appropriate department to ask for this consideration – if that is so, please do let me know who I should contact and I will do so immediately.

Thank you for your consideration (and reading through this lengthy e-mail!). I really hope that together we will be able to honor my mother in a way that appropriately reflects the hard work and determination she has proved throughout her career.


Jack Mur.

Happy Mother’s Day, Deborah.  In every way, you are a Woman of Gravitas.  We are honored to feature your inspiring story and humbled by your son’s admiration for you.

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