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Step With Me Into 2017


To the Project Gravitas community,

Starting a brand-new year always fills me with a sense of adventure.

In 2016, I focused my year on intentions: having a vision for what we want our lives to be, believing that we already have what we need inside us, and finding the courage to say these intentions out loud and live them in the present, as a state of mind.

This year, I’ve challenged myself and our team to think outside of ourselves and consider what we can do to improve the world at large. Personally, I am focusing on the ways I can create positive change for others. As a company, we are always refining how we can arm you with the tools to take action. And in 2017, we have big steps planned that we hope will help you make a difference.

For example, if you follow us on Instagram, you know that our first step in 2017 is the launch of our very first style of pants – The Annie. We excitedly launched this new category to solve what we believe is an unmet need for many women, myself included (you can read more about the inspiration here). But I’ve come to see The Annie pant as more than a standalone, confidence-boosting piece. In researching pants, we learned about their rich feminist history, the ideals they’ve stood for, and the controversy they’ve stirred. We’re excited to be a part of this evolving story and to explore it with you in the coming weeks.

We believe a Confidence Movement is more important for women than ever before. We as a community are more powerful than we know. When we let our lights shine, when we have each other’s backs, and when we work together, everything is possible.

Let’s walk into this New Year together.

With gratitude,

Lisa Sun
CEO & Founder, Project Gravitas


Why I Love Birthdays


To our Project Gravitas community, 

I love birthdays. I love others’ birthdays. I love my own birthday.

It is the one time of year where you have full permission to unabashedly celebrate your presence on this planet (and your nearest and dearest get to toast how lucky they are that you are in their lives!).My favorite question to ask on a birthday is, “What are you most looking forward to in this next year of life?” There is such a sense of hope and renewal on a birthday.

In honor of this sentiment and in celebration of our company’s birthday, we have launched our Begin Again series, featuring your stories. Each story is an embodiment of the birthday spirit, because it takes real gravitas to reflect on why you’re so special, to believe in yourself, and to press the reset button. As my father likes to say, “Every day can feel like your birthday.”

When I founded this company, my hope was to empower you to own your moment every day. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your lives. It is always more fun to celebrate a birthday with the ones you love.

With gratitude,
Lisa Sun
CEO & Founder, Project Gravitas

And to all the Cancers and Leos who share our birthday month, here’s to you on your special day:
July 3:  
Nancy C. – Happy Birthday!
July 8:  Annmarie T. – Happy Birthday and enjoy!
July 13:  Alison Singer – Happy Birthday to our Woman of Gravitas!
July 14:  Kristen Hamilton – Happy Birthday to our Woman of Gravitas!
July 18:  Ileana – “Happy Birthday prima!” – Wendy
July 26:  Valerie S. – Happy Birthday!
July 27:  Kim – “Have a blessed birthday, Love ya.” – Tanya R.
July 28:  Cathleen – “Thought you’d like these clothes.” – Mom
July 30:  Melinda L. – “God Bless You on Your Birthday. Happy 60th!” – Helen H.

3 Reasons You Can Be Proud To Wear Project Gravitas

As we get ready for July 4th celebrations next week, our team took a moment to reflect on how much we have to be proud of:  we’re proud to be able to vote, to speak our minds freely, to learn from diverse cultures, and to pursue our passions.  One of our passions is creating clothing that makes our community of women feel confident and fabulous. There are many reasons to be proud of being a part of our Project Gravitas community, and in honor of our nation’s birthday, here are three distinctly American ones:

1. Made in NYC

We make our garments in the heart of New York City’s Garment District, where we can guarantee the best quality garments produced in small batches. Local manufacturing also allows us to ensure the best labor standards for our workers, who receive wages and benefits that are well above the NYC minimum wage. When you choose Project Gravitas, you’re helping to create jobs for American workers and spur local economic growth.

Our designer bringing fabric to our NYC factory

Our designer bringing fabric to our NYC factory

2. The Power of Invention

We are proud to be a part of a long tradition of American inventors, who have taught us that every great idea starts with recognizing a problem and finding a solution through the will to innovate. Every day, our team is dreaming up ways to solve deeply-felt needs: creating a confidence boost with our built-in slimming secret; using unique materials such as cruelty-free leather and wrinkle-resistant fabrics; or finding ways to be socially responsible.   

3. Embracing Entrepreneurship

America is a country of rebels and founders, and perhaps we feel this spirit the most as we reflect on starting this company. Part of this company’s story has been the ability to launch this company online, directly to you, the women we serve. We are independent and we bypass traditional retail, offering luxury quality products at a revolutionary price point, without the retail markup. Not only are we inventive dreamers; we’re also entrepreneurs.

We want to hear from you. Email us ( with your ideas for what else we can do to make you proud to choose Project Gravitas.

The Makings of a Perfect Accessories Wardrobe

Accessories closet

We always say that we’ve designed our dresses and skirts to be the core staples in your closet, the ones that make you feel like your best self, the ones you pull out for any occasion. A big part of making the most of these pieces is having the tools to style them, which is why we’re partnering with two amazing jewelry brands to bring you The Perfect Accessories Wardrobe.

Every great jewelry collection needs pieces that are at the same time versatile, functional, beautiful, and unique (and an added bonus if they have a great story!).  That’s why all of the pieces we’ve chosen are Made in the USA by women entrepreneurs who design their jewelry to do it all.

Scroll on to read the stories behind our jewelry partners.  View the lookbook for style inspiration.  Shop the collection and find the pieces that add value to your closet and artistry to your style.


GRAYLING JEWELRY - “Determined to pursue her dream”

Women entrepreneursAs a child, Grayling owner/designer Katy Kippen’s grandfather, a stonecutter by trade, taught her about the elegance and raw beauty of natural gemstones. After years spent designing jewelry for friends and family, Katy followed her passion and launched Grayling Jewelry in 2009. With $500 in her pocket, she designed her first collection, and hit the road to market it to friends, boutiques, and anyone she met along the way.

Grayling Jewelry was created with one goal in mind:  to put the fun back in your jewelry box!  It’s about creating a statement piece that drapes at the most flattering point on your neckline, doesn’t weigh you down, and can be worn in a thousand different ways by a thousand different women, and look beautiful every single time.

Every piece of Grayling Jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind, made with love by Portland artisans, featuring the highest-quality chains and finishes, and gemstones that highlight the beautiful variations that come from nature.


SEASONAL WHISPERS – “Three generations of women”

Women entrepreneurs

Founded by mother and daughter Esther Lixenberg and Yafit Goldfarb, Seasonal Whispers jewelry is handmade and designed in downtown TriBeCa. A classically trained violinist and an avid photographer, Yafit fell for design after working as a visual merchandiser for boutiques across New York City. The combination of Esther’s background in fashion and business and Yafit’s unique artistic vision resulted in a versatile collection of coveted accessories. Since its inception, Seasonal Whispers’ vision has remained the same: to create jewelry as ever-changing as the seasons and as easy to wear as a whisper.

Elegant or laidback, striking or subtle, Seasonal Whispers jewelry is made to mix and match season after season. The material which is the same as the strings on a violin is now used to its full potential, creating necklaces, earrings, and rings. Its flexibility and lightness allows women to stack many bracelets or necklaces together in order to create new looks every season without being weighed down.

Esther and Yafit design for women all of ages and interests.  As often as Esther and Yafit turn to each other for design ideas, they just as often find inspiration in their college-age muse, Yafit’s daughter Tyler. With three generations of women weighing in on what looks good and what feels fresh, Seasonal Whispers is the perfect complement to any look, for any woman.

Visit to experience the Perfect Dress - Italian fabrics, made in NYC, with a slimming secret!


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