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Our Gravitas Birthday Bag


In honor of our birthday celebration, our Women of Gravitas have put together special offers for you – because every party ends with a fabulous gift bag!


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#OwnYourMoment: Mother’s Day Edition

deborah mur2Deborah Mur2

Today, we want to honor the amazing Deborah Mur, a senior finance executive based in Europe.  Recently, her son, Jack, sent us a note and asked us to honor Deborah’s incredible accomplishments:

To whom this may concern,

My name is Jack Mur, my mother is a very big fan of your dresses and has me order them for her regularly (she lives and works in France and thus cannot use her international card on your website). Through this, I have come to discover the Project Gravitas women and I believe my mother would be the perfect addition to the your roster of empowered women. 
Her birthday is coming up at the end of May and I’d like to do something special; I’m hoping that you could give me a little bit more information on the your process for selecting the Project Gravitas women and if you’d consider my mother?

A little bit more information about her: her name is Deborah Mur, she was born and raised in Queens, NYC. She studied International Business Administration at Boston University. She met my French father while on vacation in the Bahamas and together they have formed an incredible team that has brought my family to multiple countries (France, Canada and China). Pretty soon after graduating BU, she joined Citibank and has broken through the glass ceiling that is pervasive in Corporate Banking over the 25+ years there. My mother has used her position to further women’s rights within the private sector, most recently partnering with American Chamber of Commerce in France and the US Ambassador to France, Jane Hartley, in a panel for Women’s Week 2015.

As you can see, my mother’s vast contributions and continuous leadership reflect the qualities expressed by your previous Project Gravitas women, and I believe she would be an excellent addition to your website. Nonetheless, I do understand that you may have a different process for selecting each personality and I respect that it may not be possible to include her at this time. Additionally, I understand that customer service/support may not be the appropriate department to ask for this consideration – if that is so, please do let me know who I should contact and I will do so immediately.

Thank you for your consideration (and reading through this lengthy e-mail!). I really hope that together we will be able to honor my mother in a way that appropriately reflects the hard work and determination she has proved throughout her career.


Jack Mur.

Happy Mother’s Day, Deborah.  In every way, you are a Woman of Gravitas.  We are honored to feature your inspiring story and humbled by your son’s admiration for you.

Women’s History in the Making

Celebrating Women's History Month

For 16 years, the National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) has worked tirelessly to educate the public about the diverse historic contributions of women, while building support for a museum to showcase these contributions in the nation’s capital.

This past December, Congress passed legislation creating a congressional bi-partisan commission. With the establishment of this commission, the NWHM has taken its first step – from a core of hard-working supporters armed with an internet address – towards becoming a bricks and mortar institution, with a chance for a spot on the National Mall.

We love the mission of the NWHM, and we like to think that what they seek to do on a grand scale, we too can achieve in our own small way – we too look to amplify the voices of women, by highlighting those whose aspirations and successes inspire us, through our monthly Women of Gravitas program, and again, by naming our dresses and skirts after notable women of the past.

Inspiring women

Leading up to Women’s History Month, we asked you to help us find our next Woman of Gravitas, a woman whom you believe deserves to have a spotlight shown on her. The contributions of the women you have shared with us are remarkable – these are truly women who (to borrow from the NWHM mission statement) will not only shape the future, but are transforming the present!

Thank you to all who submitted nominations or cast their votes! And thank you to the NWHM for working to provide a place to celebrate the collective history of all American women.  We are honored to have NWHM be our charity partner this month, as 10% of proceeds from the sale of the Althea skirt will benefit the NWHM. To learn more about the NWHM, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

Althea skirt

Nominate the Next Woman of Gravitas

Nominate the next Woman of Gravitas

We all know women whose stories we want to shout from the rooftops. They are accomplished, courageous, powerful – and always inspiring.

Each month, we look for such a woman to feature.  These are our Women of Gravitas.  We know that there are countless women in our Project Gravitas community whose stories need to be told. And we want to hear them!

So, this month we are turning to YOU for nominations. We are inviting you to help us find our next Woman of Gravitas.  Here’s how:

1)    Post to our Facebook wall a photo of your nominee and why she should be a Woman of Gravitas, including her favorite cause if she has one.

2)    Tag yourself and your friend in the photo.

3)    Share your nomination with your friends.

4)    Check out all of the other nominees and “like” your favorites!


Facebook post

We will choose one or more winning entries in March. Each winner will be featured in a Q&A posted to our site, and she and the person who nominated her will receive the gift of a Project Gravitas dress, skirt or jacket.  Get started now!

View the Terms & Conditions

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