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In Celebration of Women’s History Month


Today & Every Day

IWD 2017 women of gravitas

To the Project Gravitas community,

It is hard to imagine a day without women. Because women are at the center of everything we do at Project Gravitas.

International Women’s Day serves as a reminder that, today and every day, we believe in women and how we are holding up half the sky…

… In the workplace, women account for 47% of all workers in the United States

… In our schools, more than three-quarters of public school teachers are women

… In our homes, while men are doing more housework and spending more time with their children than they used to, women still handle the bulk of these household duties, and mothers devote 13.5 hours per week to childcare, compared to 7.3 hours for dads

…In our communities, 36 million of the 62 million Americans who volunteered to work for free for nonprofits and other organizations in 2015 were women.

A dear friend reminded me that it has been less than 100 years since the 19th Amendment was passed, and less than 50 years since my alma mater started admitting women. More than anything, these milestones signaled to me that progress is possible in our lifetime. I hope that in our lifetime (and perhaps even sooner!), we will see the wage gap solved, more women leading global companies, and full gender equality.

The women we serve, our Women of Gravitas, and our team remind me that today, and the other 364 days of the year, we can make this happen.

With gratitude,

Lisa Sun
CEO & Founder, Project Gravitas


Top Tunes for the Summer

We love discovering new music.  Our July Women of Gravitas Cathleen Murphy & Angela Barkan share their summer playlists with us and the music that inspires them. Enjoy!


This is my current “inspiration” playlist, which is teaming with powerful female vocals and perspectives!


This is my “Hooray for Summer” playlist.

Emily West Wants to Help You #GetGravitas



This month, Woman of Gravitas Emily West answers your questions about work, music, friends, romance – anything!  

1. ASK AWAY. Here are the ways you can participate:

2. Follow @ProjectGravitas on social media. Look out for a special video from Emily answering your questions in the next few weeks.

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